Rooms at the Ginkgo Tree Inn

Golden Oak Room:

The Golden Oak Room is a large suite all to yourself! Awaken to an eastern sunrise, relax by the fire, or watch a movie. This room has the charm of an era gone by yet the desired luxuries of today. A private bath with shower, air conditioning, king size bed, sitting room with marble table (food can be enjoyed in-room), TV-DVD, wireless internet, desk, fireplace and period antiques


Grand Gingko Room:

The Grand Ginkgo Room is an amazing private room for you on the third floor. It has a balcony overlooking our patio, gazebo and the Chippewa River. The ornate fireplace is from a mansion built in 1862 and the tiles were made long ago in Detroit. This room has period antiques, a large private bath, TV-DVD, wireless internet, individual thermostat and all the comforts you need to leave totally refreshed!


Lincoln Library:

The Lincoln Library is designed to be an addition to the Sugarplum Room (with a small inconspicuous door), a guest room with a roll-a-way double bed, or a sitting room for Inn guests. There are many tea cups on display and for sale, there is a serious bust of Lincoln, and antique books to peruse. DVDs are also located here for guests to take to their own room.

Scarlet Maple Room:

The Scarlet Maple Room has oriental furniture that reminds us of the Victorian demand for excellence. A comfortable king bed, private bath with shower, air conditioning, sitting area, TV-DVD, wireless internet and an oriental desk with secret compartments.

Sugarplum Room:

The Sugarplum Room is a very romantic Victorian room with lace curtains, an impressive mahogany king sized bed, a private bath with a large bath tub, a secret entrance to the Lincoln Library (if reserved), and a second story balcony overlooking the Chippewa River. The Garden Gazebo is visible from the balcony and there may just be a wedding to watch from above.


The Wedgewood Room:

As you ascend to the third floor you want to keep your eyes up… the chandelier is amazing. Two thousand pieces of crystal adorn a sparkling 400 pound beauty. Victorian homes are called Painted Ladies and each of them needs their crowning jewel – this is definitely the Ginkgo Girl’s gem!

The Wedgewood Room is warm and inviting. This room has a view of the Courthouse, and the morning sun glistens through the stained glass window. The Wedgewood has a large private bath with shower, a separate HVAC for climate control, queen bed, desk, TV-DVD, and wireless internet.